What to wear to the session.

This can be the toughest part of any session.  Here are some tips!

Along with those ever burning questions, “why am I here” and “where did I come from,” there is another complicated, long-stressed over, answerless question; “what should we wear in our pictures?”

The easy answer is, “it’s up to you!”

But since that answer never really satisfies anyone, here are some helpful tips to help you to decide.


Clothes should not detract from the subject
This statement does NOT mean you shouldn’t wear patterns. It merely means that you should wear clothes that compliment and not distract. For example, a large Nike swoosh across someone’s chest WILL draw more attention than a subtly checked shirt. As you look at the clothing options, notice if something jumps out at you and is distracting or not. 

Patterns can be just fine
Depending on the look you are going for, patterns may fit the type of image you are after. If you want something trendy and modern, beautiful patterns may be just the ticket. However, if you want something more classic, and timeless, patterns, especially bold patterns will be something to avoid.

• For family group images where you want some patterns, find maybe one or two patterns as a base and then use matching solids to coordinate the rest of the outfits.

• For kids sessions, don’t be afraid to be bold! Fun patterns can really enhance the image.


Coordinate the colors
Do coordinate the colors, that’s important, but that doesn’t necessarily mean everyone is in the exact same color. Have fun with color-families and complimentary colors.

• Use one or two base colors, and then find different shades to compliment.

• Don’t be afraid to use bright colors, use them sparingly. You don’t want your image to end up looking like a candy store (unless you do, then go right ahead).

• Don’t be afraid of black and white. These colors can be timeless. If you are wanting these colors but want to spice it up a bit, maybe throw in a funky b&w hair bow or b&w patterned shirt under a sweater vest. Don’t be afraid to jazz-up the classic.


Pay attention to the details!
They say the devil is in the details, and in photography, it can be the difference between loving an image and hating it. Pay attention to the little things like shoes, belts, accessories, and socks.

For men, they often like to wear the most comfortable pair of shoes they can, but will that look good in the picture? What about his belt, or his socks? Ladies, you need to help us men out, choose our clothing for us!

• Have fun with accessories (hats, scarves, belts, etc…), to bring flair and fun to the image. Be careful not to overdo it though; we’re not looking for a costume show.

• Layered clothing can be a fun way to change things up.


Bring things
This isn’t a requirement, but can be great! We wouldn’t have to use these items in all of the images but they can make a few of them fun and unique!

• If you are after a vintage look, bring vintage items such as a chair.

• High school seniors, bring what you love! If you’re into snowboarding, bring the snowboard. If you’re into dance, bring your toe shoes. Anything that can define you at this moment in your life should be in the images. Even if it’s simply a pair of sunglasses, bring them!

• With children, bring what they love. A cute bear, a beat-up old blanket. Having these in the images can make them timeless.


How to look slimmer
This is probably the most asked question people have, so here are some answers:

• Dark clothes are better than light clothes at slimming you down. There are exceptions, but dark clothes tend to “hide” those problem areas.

• Cover your skin. Long pants and sleeves are an easy way to appear slimmer.

• Shallow v-necks are more slimming than open necks or collared tops.


There you go. I hope that helps! If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to call me at the studio (801) 397-0448 or shoot me off an e-mail.


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