Family photography


Moms, I hear ya.  Family sessions are hard!  From picking out clothing to convincing the males in the family that it is a needed event, Moms go through a lot for picture time.  But imagine, arriving at the shoot and leaving the worry in the car.  

That’s how it is if you shoot with me.  I promise.  I have a knack for getting dad’s relaxed and smiling.  Unruly kids?  I got this.

 I have been shooting family pictures for a lot of years and the one thing that sets me apart from other photographers is my ability to help people feel at ease –even those that don’t want to be there.

So listen.  You do the beforehand stuff, the picking clothes (shoot me an email if you need help with that as well) , the getting everyone there, and I will take care of the rest.  Your clan will leave the shoot talking about how fun it was rather than how you owe them a week’s worth of screen-time to make up for it.

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