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parents playfully holding children upside down
A family smiling at the camera on a bridge for family photography at the Lagoon trail in Farmington.

Photography at Wheeler Farm offers a fantastic opportunity to capture beautiful images in a rustic and natural setting.  In the front area of Wheeler Farm, you will find a very rustic feel with beautiful barns, textured woods, log fences, and unique outbuildings.  In the back area of Wheeler Farm, you will find natural paths, trees, logs, and a more natural feel.  Both can be beautiful for pictures, and both are what make photography at Wheeler Farm such a good choice.


During the fall, the rear of Wheeler Farm is alive with color. Vibrant orange and yellows mix with soft grasses help to create photographs that exhibit a beautiful autumn feel.  In spring, blossom trees combine with the textures of the barns and out-buildings giving portrait’s a unique feel all their own.

Photography at Wheeler Farm is beautiful no matter what time of year, so don’t shy away from this beautiful location.  Even in the winter, it is great because you have rustic barns and outbuildings to use as unique backdrops.

Centrally located at the center of the valley, in Murray, you will find plenty of parking for photography at Wheeler Farm.  They do charge $10 to shoot here, so plan to pay that as you arrive and enter the Activity Barn, the large barn adjacent to the parking lot.  We will meet directly in front of the Activity Barn.  Dogs are welcome but must be on a leash at all times, as there are always ducks and geese roaming the property.



• $10 fee to shoot here – enter the Activity Barn to pay the fee on arrival

• Rustic barns and outbuildings in the front area

• Beautiful, natural trees and pathways in the back area

• Fall leaves abound here in Autumn

• Dogs are welcome but must be leashed

• Wonderful to shoot here year round

• Lighting is good here anytime of day

Directions to Wheeler Farm

Address: 6351 S. 900 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84121 – Meet in front of the Activity Barn, the large barn next to the parking lot.  Go inside and pay the $10 fee before we begin shooting.

Photography highlights from Wheeler Farm

Photography at Wheeler Farm gives such variety and variation.  Whether you are looking for a more rustic look, or a more natural, out-in-nature look, Wheeler Farm is the place.  Take a look at some highlight images below.

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