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parents playfully holding children upside down
A family smiling at the camera on a bridge for family photography at the Lagoon trail in Farmington.

Photography at the Utah State Capitol delivers a clean, white, modern look and creates timeless portraits.  Whether shooting inside with the marble floors, stairs and walls or outside with the granite façade and steps, photography at the Utah State Capitol delivers a unique look.  On the interior, there are wide sweeping stairs with beautiful antique gold light fixtures that are perfect for large family groups.  Higher up the stairs, you have a balcony that overlooks the entire rotunda area giving sweeping views of the open vastness of the Utah State Capitol.


Outside on the front porch area, large granite columns frame the portico opposite beautiful dark and heavy iron doors.  This area is my favorite place to create beautiful photography at the Utah State Capitol.  Clean and modern is the feel in this area.  Down the front steps, you will find black gates the lead to a lower floor and create a perfect contrast to the white of the granite.

If greenery is what you are after, there is a walking that completely encircles the Utah State Capitol and is lined with ornamental cherry trees that explode with blossoms in the springtime. Indeed a beautiful site and a wonderful time for photography at the Utah State Capitol.  The capitol is located atop a hill giving stunning views of the city and valley below.

Shooting here any time of year as well as any time of day will yield beautiful imagery.  Keep in mind that photography at the Utah State Capitol is gorgeous any time of day, any time of year and even in any weather because we can shoot indoors.



• Beautiful marble interior with sweeping steps and beautiful balconies

• Large granite columns and dark iron doors on the front

• Iron gates to create a unique contrast with the white granite

• Stunning views of the valley

• Cherry blossoms in the springtime

• A great spot to shoot at any time of day and during any season

• A free location that allows indoor photography

Directions to the Capitol

Address: 499 E Capitol Blvd., Salt Lake City, UT 84103  – Meet in the center Rotunda of the Capitol building.  Public parking is on the East side.

Photography highlights from the Utah State Capitol

To see some highlights from photography at the Utah State Capitol, take a look at the images below.  The capitol is a great spot to shoot year-round and in any type of weather because we can shoot inside.

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