Photography at Tibble Fork

American Fork Canyon, Utah

Photography at Tibble Fork has become very popular of the last few years, and it is not hard to see why.  With the epic views, beautiful pine trees and aspen trees combined with its easy accessibility, it is easy to see why people are flocking to the Tibble Fork area.

If you are looking for a location for your pictures that captures the feel of mountainous Utah, then Tibble Fork is the place.  A few years back, they drained the Tibble Fork Reservoir to improve the structure and increase capacity, but at the same time, the removed all of the foliage from around the water area.  

This beauty has made the reservoir area itself, less impressive for photography.  However, a short 1/4 mile further up the road, at the horse transfer station, you will find that beauty and rustic, natural look again.  This is the spot where I choose to shoot.

From deep-green pine trees to mountain trails. From beautiful aspens with all of their color to, of course, majestic views of Mount Timpanogos, photography at Tibble Fork simply can not be beat.

To get to Tibble Fork, head East up American Fork Canyon.  There is a $6 fee to enter the canyon, so be prepared to pay that as you enter the canyon.  About six miles up the canyon you will come to a fork, where a sign will instruct you to take a left for Tibble Fork.  

Do so, and in about two miles up that road, you will come to the Tibble Fork Reservoir.  Continue past the reservoir, and the road will curve to your left leading you another 1/4 mile to the horse transfer station on your right.  Exit there and park in the parking lot provided.  This is the spot where we will meet.

Because photography at Tibble Fork is quite a drive for me, there is a $60 travel fee.  But don’t let that dissuade you if this is the location you want, then, by all means, let’s capture your images with photography at Tibble Fork.

Highlights from Tibble Fork

• $60 travel fee to shoot here

• Beautiful pine and aspen trees

• Stunning views of Mt Timpanogos and other ranges

• Tall grasses and shrubs for a beautiful, mountain feel

• Dogs are welcome

• Best to shoot here in the morning or evening

• Beautiful all year round except when snow is too deep

• $6 fee to enter American Fork Canyon

• Meet in the parking lot at the Horse Transfer Station

Address for Tibble Fork

Address: American Fork Canyon, then Route 144 to Tibble Fork Reservoir.   Meet at the Horse Transfer Station — Drive past Tibble Fork Reservoir and the road will turn left up the canyon further. About a 1/4 mile further up the canyon you will turn right for the Horse Transfer Station. Meet in that parking lot.

Tibble Fork Reservoir

Photography highlights at Tunnel Springs Park

Interested in photography at Tibble Fork?  If so, take a look at the images in the slideshow below.  They will help you get a feel for whether or not this is the spot for you.

Recent Photography Sessions at Tunnel Springs Park

If you are wanting to see more than just a few highlights from photography at Tibble Fork, then click on an image below.  Each, will open and show many different shots from that specific shoot that occurred at Tibble Fork, helping you get a better feel for what your shoot will be like.  Notice that each shoot has a date as well, take notice to see what photography at Tibble Fork looks like at each time of the year.

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