Temple Rock Quarry


If you are looking for a stunning location for your pictures with natural elements that you can’t find anywhere else, then definitely consider photography at Temple Rock Quarry in Sandy, Utah.  

As you arrive, you will immediately notice that oak trees abound with little paths going this way or that, beckoning you to explore.  As you move deeper into Temple Rock Quarry, you will find the beauty of a dry riverbed lined with granite rocks and boulders giving a perfect background for photography.  However, keep in mind, that during the spring run-off, this transforms from a dry river bed to a raging river.  So plan accordingly.  

Tall grasses, pine trees and stunning views of the mountain make photography at Temple Rock Quarry a good idea.  Located at the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon in Sandy, Utah, Temple Rock Quarry is named because of the LDS pioneers who quarried granite stone for the Salt Lake LDS temple in downtown Salt Lake City.  Thus, expect to see large boulders of granite with chisel and hammer marks that remain from faithful workers a century ago.

There is a small parking lot, but if that is full, across Little Cottonwood Canyon Road, you will find a park-and-ride lot for those heading up the canyon.  Feel free to park there, but be very cautious when crossing the road.  It can be very dangerous.

Highlights at Temple Rock Quarry

The Temple Rock Quarry is located at the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon in Salt Lake City, Utah.  This is a very natural location with paved paths through scrub oak and trees.  There are very green areas as well as a dry (most of the time) creek bed filled with granite rock.  Dogs are welcome here.   Shooting in the morning allows for views of the mountains in the background.

• Beautiful granite boulders in a dry river bed (not dry in spring)

• Scrub oak with bright colors in the fall

• Tall grasses and shrubs

• Views of the mountain and Little Cottonwood Canyon

• Dogs are welcome

• Best to shoot here in the morning or the evening

• Beautiful in the warmer months and closed in the winter months

• Parking lot available, but if it’s full, use the Park and Ride lot across the street

Address for Temple Rock Quarry

Address: 4371 E Little Cottonwood Rd., Sandy, UT 84092  Meet in the parking lot.  If lot is full, there is a park n’ ride bus lot across the street.

Temple Rock Quarry


If you are considering photography at Temple Rock Quarry, then take a look at the images below.  You will see some highlights from this location to help you make your decision.