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bride leading groom through open field at big springs park in provo
bride and groom running towards camera at big springs park in provo utah

Trefoil Ranch is not where we are shooting, but it is the closest landmark to the parking lot, so I chose to use it. Trefoil Ranch is actually a Girl’s Scout Camp up Provo Canyon, so don’t be confused. We will NOT be shooting at the Girl’s Scout Camp.

To get to this area, we walk a short dirt road to the top which opens up into one of the most beautiful open field areas in the state! With 360 degree views of mountains all around, including Mt Timpanogos. Because of the wide-open nature of this spot, it is best in the evening at sunset, which will give us the soft light that makes everything beautiful.

If this has the look you want for your next photoshoot, then let’s get out there and capture some magic at this location together!



• There is a $70 travel fee to shoot here

•  Beautiful open field area

• Stunning mountain views

• Trees with fall color in season

• Best only in the evening

• Good in the Summer and fall

• Dogs are allowed


Directions to Trefoil Ranch

Address: Put this into Google Maps to get right to the parking lot: 40°19’31.7″N 111°31’02.5″W – Meet in the parking lot

Photography highlights from TREFOIL RANCH

If you are considering Trefoil Ranch in Provo Canyon, Utah,  for your next shoot, then take a look at some of the images below to get a feel for what it looks like.

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