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McPolin Barn


family sitting on steps together with gold door in the background at exchange place in salt lake city utah
couple in front of USA flag at Gardner village in Salt Lake City

If you have ever driven into Park City, Utah, you have seen the McPolin Barn, nestled against the mountain just off Route 224 from Kimball Junction. The McPolin Barn is part of the McPolin farmstead built in 1922 from recycled timber. This barn and surrounding land is now owned by Park City and are set aside to be a stunning open space enjoyed by all.

The barn is a beautiful, timeless white, offering a timeless backdrop for your next photo session. There are also open fields, tall grasses, and trees with incredible mountain views.

This spot is excellent all year round, looking great in any season. Mornings or evenings will offer the best light, so consider this as you plan for your session here.





There is a $50 fee to shoot here

• Beautiful white barn

•  Wide open field with mountain views

• Greenery and a small river

• Wood rail fence

• Good any time of day, but best towards evening

• This location is good any time of year

• Dogs are allowed


Directions to McPolin Barn

Address: Put this into Google Maps to get right to the parking lot: 40°40’41.8″N 111°31’34.6″W  – You can park just off the highway if there is room, or there is parking across the street with a tunnel to get to the barn.  Meet at the gate on the driveway to the barn.

Photography highlights from McPolin Barn

The McPolin barn is an historic site and is a beautiful place to shoot.  If you are interested in our session being at the McPolin Barn in Park City, take a look at some images below.

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