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Farmington Lagoon Trail


parents playfully holding children upside down
A family smiling at the camera on a bridge for family photography at the Lagoon trail in Farmington.

Photography on the Farmington Lagoon Trail in Farmington, Utah, is a great idea any time of year.  The beauty of this fully paved trail is incredible as it meanders through a dense forest of trees and over unique iron bridges.  Walking this path is terrific as you hear the roars of roller coasters off in the distance.

This trail is mostly level and is good a leisurely stroll.  We do step off the paved path to shoot in some deeper brush areas, but it is not a difficult journey.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to walk the trail, make it a point to do so the next time you are up in Farmington.  Mornings you will find the trail filled with walkers, joggers, and runners, all out to breathe in the fresh morning air that is located on this beautiful path.

Pets are welcome here but must be on a leash due to Farmington City ordinances.  Horses are also welcome on the trail.

If you are looking for beautiful photography in Farmington, photography on the Lagoon Trail is a great spot.

Photography on the Lagoon Trail is good any time of year, but especially in the fall when the leaves are bright and colorful.  Because of the beautiful tree cover, we can shoot here any time of day.



• Long path that meanders through greenery

• Unique iron bridges

• Tall, mature trees providing lots of shade

• Great location all year round

• The Lagoon Trail is great any time of day

• Pets are welcome when on a leash

Directions to the Lagoon Trail

Address: 76 North Lagoon Lane, Farmington – Meet at the entrance.
The road North of the Rock Chapel in Farmington is 300 North. Follow that road West and it will dead-end in a circle. That is where you will park.

Photography highlights from THE LAGOON TRAIL

Interested in having your session at the Lagoon Trail in Farmington? Take a look at the images below to see some awesome highlights of photography at the Lagoon Trail.

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