Memory Grove


Photography at Memory Grove will deliver images that are beautiful and timeless.  The park itself has been dedicated to holding monuments for those from Utah that have fallen during times of war.  A very sobering place as you walk and read them.  For our purposes, photography at Memory Grove is wonderful.  If you are after a park area with grasses, a beautiful river with bridges and rock walls, then Memory Grove is for you.

The river features a beautiful rock bridge that lends itself to photography.  The river is also quite shallow for the engaged couple seeking something a bit more crazy in their photos.  Large, mature trees, as well as meandering paths, add to this area beauty.  Large monuments of granite also create structures that are beautiful as a backdrop in any photograph.  Not many flowers, though, the park is kept more natural with bushes and shrubs of almost every kind.

If you are considering photography at Memory Grove, keep in mind that it is located in downtown Salt Lake City, just East of Temple Square, and has plenty of parking outside the front gate.  Dogs are welcome on leashes, so feel free to bring your dog if you would like.  Memory Grove is excellent for wedding photography, engagement photography, family photography, and children photography.  Senior photography would work well here as too.

Highlights of Memory Grove

• Centrally located in downtown Salt Lake City

• Large trees, grassy areas and paths

• Shallow river and bridges are excellent for photography 

• Granite monuments make great backdrops

• Dogs are allowed on leash

• Not a lot of flowers, more natural with trees, bushes and shrubs

• Sessions are good any time of year

• The lighting is much better here during the morning or evening hours

Address of Memory Grove

Address: 288 Canyon Road, Salt Lake City, UT 84103   Meet at the front gate.

Memory Grove


To get a feel for what photography at Memory Grove looks like, take a look at the images below.  It is an absolutely beautiful location centrally located in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah.