Garden Park Ward


Photography at Garden Park Ward in Salt Lake City, Utah, has been a go-to location for many years. It is a former private mansion, donated to and renovated to become an LDS church. The building has character and charm, but the grounds are what make it unique and special.

With Red Butte Creek flowing through as the centerpiece, unique architectural elements like columns, courtyards, and waterfalls create a wonderfully unique photographic experience.

The one-hundred-year-old trees are over 50 feet tall and not only provide an abundance of shade but create trunks that are eight feet around.

It has the feeling of a well-cared-for English garden with manicured lawns and beds that feature beautiful shrubs and trees rather than an overabundance of flowers. A quaint carriage house on the West side of the building serves to create beautiful photography at Garden Park Ward with its rounded doorway and dark brown brickwork.

Because this is a fully functioning church building for the LDS church, photography at Garden Park Ward is limited to specific days and times. Photography at Garden Park Ward is allowed from 9 am to 7 pm, on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. If there is a ward function happening, we will be turned away.

Photography at Garden Park Ward is lovely any season of the year and delivers beautiful light at any time of the day.

Highlights from Garden Park Ward

• Beautiful English garden feel

• Unique architecture

• Stream with bridges and pond

• Tall, mature trees providing lots of shade

• Great location all year round

• Photography only allowed from 9a-7p Mon, Tues, Wed, and Sat

• Garden Park Ward is great any time of day

Address for Garden Park Ward
Address: 1150 Yale Ave, Salt Lake City, Utah   Meet in the parking lot.

Garden Park Ward


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