Beginning Photography Class

Thinking about taking the beginning photography class?  Well, I think you should!

Now is the time to learn to take better images.  Have you ever wanted to take better images of your kids, or when you travel?  Learn how to finally take your camera out of auto mode! We gear this class for beginners, and will not get overly technical. Now that doesn’t mean you won’t learn what an F-stop is, or what shutter speed does, but we will teach you easy-to-remember steps to take when each time you go to shoot.


This class is centered on the basics that will help you become a better photographer. We want you to leave this class feeling confident, that you have the tools to take better pictures. We will cover the basics so that you feel comfortable working with your camera, comfortable shooting in various lighting situations, and knowledge of the different compositional elements that make a picture great!

Best of all, we will actually shoot together! That way, if you have questions, we can answer them right then, while you are struggling. C’mon, don’t be afraid. Sign-up now!

What you need to bring to class:
• First and foremost bring your camera. It needs to be a D-SLR. I know there are some point and shoot camera’s out there that do great work, but they are so different it slows the class down as we try to figure them out.

• If at all possible, get a 50mm 1.8 lens. This lens will not only increase your ability to take awesome images, it will allow us to demonstrate the real power of your camera.

For Nikon users, click here to see and order the lens.

For Canon users, click here to see and order the lens.

For Sony Alpha users, click here to see and order the lens.

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